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New and Improved for 2014!

Boombotix is proud to present a special Boombot REX in partnership with CYCLEHAWK ?”Â?the messenger company founded by veteran NYC bicycle messenger KEVIN "SQUID" BOLGER! This Limited Edition REX features Cyclehawk's iconic logo, designed by Red Lantern Bicycles mechanic CHOMBO.

A note from Squid says it all - "I originally created the Cyclehawk brand in 2006 to represent the spirit of riding in the city. As a messenger since 1992 I have been living on my bike; surviving and thriving among the cars and trucks is what I do. The hawk is my totem: rising above to seek out my prey and diving in at full speed to capture it. Thanks Chombo for the design! Ride safe and see you on the streets!"

Read more about Squid and the Cyclehawk brand right here!

About the Boombot REX:


Boombot REX is the next evolution of smart speakers in the ultraportable?Boombot?collection. A salute to the king of dinosaurs, the Boombot REX mimics the thump of the T-Boombot REX?™s footsteps as it ruled the land.?

With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling?microphone and a built-in clip, the Boombot REX allows you to?stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

The Boombot REX connects to iPods, smartphones, tablets, and laptops using wireless Bluetooth technology. Stream music, change tracks, and answer, end, or deny phone calls on the fly. The Boombot REX is built to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle so you can?bring music to where you enjoy it most.

Fresh for 2014, the new and improved REX features a higher capacity battery with 50% longer battery life, side mounted in/out ports and a new top mounted button interface with improved ergonomics. Bigger and better!



Boombot REX Exploded View

The dual drivers project full dynamic range sound forward while driving air flow to the BASS WOOFER. The BASS WOOFER punches air through the holes at the rear of the Boombot REX with an emphasis on low frequency.


Boombot REX Playback Controls

DESIGN?& response

Boombot REX Mechanical Design


Boombot REX Included Hardware


n The Box 3ft 1/8-inch Aux & Micro USB Cables
Loudness 94dB@2ft (wired)/90dB@2ft (wireless)
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Runtime 6 Hours
Charging About an Hour
Dimensions 85mm(w) x 80mm(h) x 54mm(d)
H2O Resistance IP53 (ok in light rain/snow)
Audio Input/Output ? ? ? ? ? 2x 1/8"/3.5mm female jack
Power 2x3W
Controls Track Control, Speakerphone, Volume
Indicator Full Color Hexagonal LED

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