e2-plus High Capacity Dual Outlet Power Bank - 5000mAh

Black 5000 mAh
Red 5000 mAh


energy2 e2-plus high power dual outlet power bank is a stylish, portable and powerful mobile power source that provides quick and easy charge for your smartphones and tablets.

The small cube provides 5000mAh power and 2.1Amp high-power output to easily recharge your smartphone or tablet anytime anywhere. Featuring dual USB output ports, you can easily re-charge your smart phone and tablet at the same time.

This power bank features LED power indicator, which allows you to check the power status anytime by simply pressing the on/off switch. Furthermore, a convenient micro USB charging cable is included. You can use this cable to charge the power bank or your mobile devices whereas applicable.

A quality travel pouch is also included to help you bring the e2-plus on your journey without hassle.

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