FLOOME Smart Phone Breathalyzer


Just blow

Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and sends the results directly to your smartphone. How does it work? Just plug it into your smartphone via a standarad audio jack, open the mouthpiece and blow - no batteries required.

The same sensor used in breathalyzers of law enforcement officers

By your side, in any situation

If your app test result displays a red screen, this means your alcohol level is over the legal limit applicable in the country or state you are in. Wait for the duration of the suggested recovery time provided by the application and then repeat the test

Safely Check-in with your friends

You can share your tests with your friends along with a selfie to let them know you are ok, or may need a ride.

There is always an alternative

Call a taxi

If you cannot get behind the wheel, Floome's app will help you find and call a taxi.

Contact a friend

By creating your own list of favorite friends, you can call them via the app or send them a message with your location.

Eat something

Looking for something to eat to lower your BAC? With the app you can find restaurants nearby

Floome knows you well

By entering your weight, gender, height and age, the app will calculate how long it should take your body to lower your BAC. In addition, the application will learn your metabolic rate and give you more personalized results. *

Your weekly diary

Keep track of your habits

Through the diary you can keep track of your alcohol consumption, and access more detailed information such as the calories absorbed.

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