KuhVuh ASP301 Computer Cable Lock


The KuhVuh ASP301 Computer Cable Key Lock is an?ideal solution to lock most laptops / notebooks / monitors for any display setting, whether it?™s a retail store, corporate office, school lab, restaurant or any open access area.

The KuhVuh ASP301 Computer Cable Key Lock is a sturdy locking device featuring a 1.5 metre?Kevlar reinforced?galvanized?steel cable with a pass-through loop on one end and a lock on the other end.

The lock utilizes the security slot already built into your notebook computer, LCD monitor, Projector or other devices.

The Key Lock comes with two identical keys, giving you the peace of mind of a back-up key.


  • 5 ft Galvanized Steel Cable
  • Sturdy Lock head
  • Allows 360 ° rotation
  • Fits Standard Notebook Computer Security slots
  • Easy to use
  • 2 Keys
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Made in Taiwan


    1.5 metre
    4 mm
    150 g
    Materials Vinyl Coated Galvanized Steel

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