Kuhvuh SoftFLIP case for iPhone 5 / 5s


The kuhvuh SoftFLIP dresses up your much-anticipated iPhone 5 /5s with lots of fun. It also provides full protection and convenient functionality.

The SoftFLIP is designed to fit easily such that you can put on or take off the case without hassle. It features a 2-angle stand design to help you enjoy using your iPhone no matter where you go. There is a convenient card slot on the back to let you bring your most important cards along your iPhone on your journey.

While being very functional, the SoftFLIP is also carefully designed to protect your iPhone. It is made with durable PU material to protect your iPhone from scratch. It also features a detachable hand strap to enhance security while adding style.

With tailor made cutouts to ensure your access to all the ports and the buttons, the kuhvuh SoftFLIP is the perfect daily case for your iPhone 5.
Protects and beautify your iPhone
- Designed with durable polyester material
Enjoy multimedia
- Two-angled stand feature
Carry your cards
- Convenient card slot feature
Added security
- Detachable hand strap
- The flip cover can attach to the back of the case when opened

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