PATCHWORKS C3 Slim Wallet - iPhone 6+

PWS 7910

C3 Slim Wallet?for iPhone 6 Plus

3 Slim Wallet is made with Italian Synthetic leather with the highest level of craftsmanship, in Korea. C3 Slim Wallet can conveniently hold up to 4 credit(or transportation) cards, and thanks to iPhone6 plus??large size, it can also fit most kinds of money bills whose width and length is smaller than 7.5cm and 15cm. Device can fitted into UV Coated clear Polycarbonate case housing to prevent scratches and to show beautiful aluminum body of iPhone. Folio stand function is included, so you can stand your iPhone and enjoy your favorite media. With all above function included, thickness is only 1.3cm(0.5inch) so you can carry your bigger sized iPhone without bulkiness, and it comes in 5 beautiful color of Black, White, Navy, Brown and Pink.


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