Targus Defcon Computer Cable Lock


This Targus laptop security product finally provides a computer security solution with nothing to lose! Everyday nearly 1,000 laptop computers are stolen - protect your laptop computer and its valuable data with this affordable laptop security product - the DEFCON CL. The Targus DEFCON Cable Lock is 6.5 feet of cut-resistant, galvanized steel cable that loops around any secure object and easily attaches to your laptop computer's lock slot. The DEFCON?Cable Lock?is the first laptop computer security product to offer the benefits and convenience of a keyless security solution

Our DEFCON CL features a user-settable combination lock with up to 10,000 possible settings.

Our?DEFCON® SCL (Serialized Cable Lock) features a serialized lock with a pre-set combination in which your IT/Admin Manager has access to all combinations for better access control and complete assets protection.

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PA410B Cable Lock User Guide
PA410S Serialized Cable Lock User Guide

Warranty One Year?Warranty

Technical?? Length :?200 cm
Material : Galvanized Steel Cab
Temper-Resistant Locking Mechanism
Spacing washers are included for a tighter fit
Targus PA410B Defcon CL
Lock Type : 4 digit numeric combination
?? Up to 10,000 User-Settable combinations

Targus PA410S Defcon SCL (Serialized)
Lock Type : 4 digit numeric combination
Similar to the PA410B, but?has serial numbers on it,?with a pre-set 4 digit combination.

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