PATCHWORKS Colorant PureCover iPad Air2


PURE COVER?for iPad Air2
Colorant introduces it?™s new tablet PC line up, Purecover for iPad Air2. Cover is made with smart cover with 5 beautiful colors, and housing is made with clear polycarbonate. We are confident it will be the thinnest and most aesthetically defined case for Apple?™s iPad Air2.
Adjustable Stand
Using Purecover case, you can stand your iPad by folding its cover component, so you can enjoy your entertainment more conveniently.
Auto sleep ON/OFF
Colorant PureCover case has inserted magnet for the compatibility with iPad?™s auto sleep function. So pressing of power button is unnecessary when you sleep or awake your iPad.
Clear back housing
Now iPad Air2 came in new Colors. Why should we hide them? You can enjoy beautiful metal colors of new iPad Air2 because Colorant Purecover?™s back housing is made with clear carbonate with UV coating to fight against daily use scratches.

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