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RevolCam™ is an innovate approach to improving your smartphone camera. The compact, easy to use design fits on any smartphone, giving you many creative options. With three lenses that can be swapped in seconds with just a flick of the finger, thanks to the revolving design, this is smartphone photography evolved.

The wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses give you incredible options for any situation, including a built-in mirror for high-quality selfies and a detachable LED light for perfect photos in any conditions.

Revolving Design - switch lenses is just a flick awayRevolving Design - switch lenses is just a flick away

RevolCam™ is the ultimate camera solution for your smartphone, helping you capture memories in perfect detail, with the choice of lenses and included lighting, with RevolCam™ you will never miss a moment again.

Lightweight detachable and adjustable LED light with a built-in mirrorLightweight, detachable, and adjustable LED light, with a built-in mirror

RevolCam™ comes with many innovations that change the way smartphone photography works:

Giving you a choice of wide-angle, fisheye and macro lenses, RevolCam™ opens up the creative options for Smartphones like never before. Get in close with the macro lens, capture glorious landscape vistas with the wide-angle lens, and explore the creativity of the fisheye. Because you can swap lenses at will in a second, you always have every option available, all the time.

It is our unique rotary lens system that is the core innovation in RevolCam™, as it ensures you can swap lenses with just the flick of a finger in a second. No need to remove anything or waste time swapping lenses when you want to be capturing the shot. With our RevoLens design, you simply revolve the lenses to choose the one you want. The lenses are automatically centered perfectly when you use them, so you have ALL the creative options available, ALL the time.  

Lightweight so you can take it anywhere, the bright, easy to use LED Light clips on and off RevolCam™ with ease. When the sun goes down there is no need to stop when you have this amazing light to hand. Get the high-quality photos your memories deserve whatever the conditions, create macro shots like the professionals and make sure your selfies look as good as they can every time with the included LED Light.

RevolCam™ puts you in control, and that includes the light! With 230 levels of light available, adjusted manually and just a touch away, you always have the light you need for perfect photos.From fill light to night time portraits, lighting will never be a problem again.

We all know the best camera on your smartphone is on the back, so why do we have to take selfies with the front one? With its built-in selfie mirror, RevolCam™ lets you use the best camera for the best feature – You! See just what you are shooting with the mirror and get the perfect selfie in the highest-quality your phone can manage every time.

Enjoy the revolution in smartphone photography whatever phone you use! RevolCam™ is designed to fit easily onto any smartphone, and is small and lightweight enough that you will barely know it’s there. You don’t need the very latest phones to enjoy the benefits of creativity and quality that RevolCam™ brings, and when you swap your phone, you can take RevolCam™ with you to the new one!


With so many projects available, we know that this is the question you are asking, why choose RevolCam™? As with our previous successful Kickstarter, ShiftCam, our focus during development has been to deliver quality, both in the RevolCam™ itself and the photos it produces, convenience, making sure it’s easy to use and own, and portability, because the only photo gear worth owning is the one you actually take with you!


RevolCam™ provides a complete solution for high-quality smartphone photography, giving you all the creative tools you need to get the images you desire. Whether capturing memories or exploring your own creative eye, this compact, lightweight solution is all you need.

With RevolCam you get three high-quality lenses in the Multi-Lens system wide-angle fisheye and macro lenses that give you a solution for every situationWith RevolCam™ you get three high-quality lenses in the Multi-Lens system, wide-angle, fisheye and macro lenses that give you a solution for every situation

With a detachable LED light to ensure you can shoot whatever the conditions, and a selfie mirror for capturing those precious memories in the highest quality your camera can manage, it’s got it all. Why take multiple gadgets when RevolCam™ has everything for a smartphone photography revolution.

Detachable LED light to keep your photos well-lit at all times helping you create the perfect photo whatever the conditionsDetachable LED light to keep your photos well-lit at all times, helping you create the perfect photo whatever the conditions.



Having all the tools to deliver quality photos from any smartphone is what RevolCam™ gives you, but you need to be able to access those tools and make the most of them anywhere, when you need them the most. That is why RevolCam™ is based around a revolutionary revolving design that means you can swap between the three lenses as you wish, it takes a second with a flick of the finger. No need to remove anything, it just works. The clever RevoLens system perfectly centers each lens when you want to use it, no messing, no calibration, simply flick the lens into place and take a photo.

Ease of use doesn’t stop there, with the detachable LED light, you have your own portable studio, no matter what the conditions or time of day, you have the light you need. Stick the light on a lamppost for fill-light on a portrait, keep it close for a macro shot, the options are endless with the adjustable brightness LED, and with everything so simple and straightforward, it never slows you down. RevolCam™ is designed to work with you, to give you the tools when you need them and let you focus on the important stuff, the photo itself.

The adjustable light detaches and with a magnetic backing can mount off to anything metalThe adjustable light detaches and, with a magnetic backing, can mount off to anything metal



One thing that people forget when it comes to photography, is that the only useful accessories are the ones you take with you. On a night out with friends, you will want quality photos to remember it all, but do you want to take a big photo bag with you to achieve it? No, of course not, that is why we made sure RevolCam™ is lightweight enough that you will forget you have it, until you want to use it.

It sits low profile on the phone so never gets in your way and is the only photo gadget you will needIt sits low profile on the phone so never gets in your way, and is the only photo gadget you will need.

It's easy to install, you just clip it onto any smartphone and off you go, whether you have the latest phone or something else, it even works with tablets and laptops if you want, the complete photo solution for everything you do!


With all this ability, ease of use and extraordinary performance, it should be clear that we have worked really hard to deliver the ultimate smartphone camera accessory, but we wanted to achieve more than that. We want to revolutionize smartphone photography, to give everyone the chance to explore the creativity that RevolCam™ unleashes, and that means we did not want to create a high-priced gadget that few could afford.

Instead, we have created an affordable package that offers all of this for a surprisingly low cost, but we did not skimp on quality to achieve it. With RevolCam™ you get a high-quality, premium package that looks and feels like a smart, expensive product, for a bargain price. RevolCam™ gives you the luxury experience of bespoke smartphone accessories without the expense.

With its three creative lenses, detachable light and easy to use selfie mirror, RevolCam™ provides incredible versatility for any phone camera, giving you endless options and delivering quality images whatever your subject.

High quality lenses that improve image clarity, giving you pictures with more impact.

The Macro lens has high magnification, allowing you to take images of the unseen world around us, from insects to flowers, see more than ever before!

The wide-angle lens gives you the chance to capture more than ever, broad vistas that show the majesty of what you see rather than just a small portion.

With the easy lens swapping, you have access to the creative effects from the fisheye or macro lens whenever you want them, just flick the lens in place and you are set. Combine the fisheye lens with panorama mode to get a full, 360-degree image, it’s like nothing you have seen before. Whatever the moment, whatever the memory, capture it in new ways with RevolCam™. Unleash your creativity today!

Panorama mode with RevolCam Fisheye LensPanorama mode with RevolCam Fisheye Lens


RevolCam gives you creativity and quality for your wonderful momentsRevolCam gives you creativity and quality for your wonderful moments


With the built-in selfie mirror, you can use the superior rear camera to take your selfies, combine that with the high quality RevolCam™ lens and you have the perfect setup to deliver the highest-quality selfie possible. With adjustable brightness thanks to the LED light and the easy to use RevolCam™ system, taking the perfect selfie has never been easier.




RevolCam™ comes with everything you need to upgrade your smartphone photography, packed safely and securely to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, your RevolCam™ package will include:



RevolCam™ is the culmination of an idea to revolutionize smartphone photography, but to create a unique and easy to use solution that did not just perform, but encourages creativity. RevolCam™ is defined by the action of ‘revolving’, it is at the heart of the 3 in 1 clip on lens, and it is by revolving that the lenses are instantly interchangeable. That instant access to creativity is very important, we want to inspire your creativity, not get in its way.

The detachable LED module follows the same action, you revolve it to adjust the brightness, igniting your stories whatever the conditions around you, wherever you are, while the hidden mirror makes sure your selfie is always on target, use the best camera on your phone on you!


Right from the start, we implemented an edgeless form design language, a very modern approach that compliments most smartphones on the market today, you want the best quality photos, but let’s do it in style, right? Edgeless form also reflects the revolving dynamics of RevolCam™ itself, giving you the smooth and seamless photography experience that unleashes your creativity.


These Kickstarter Exclusive Special Edition Postcards are only available during this Kickstarter campaign, and are an inspiring set of 10 mesmerising images that show the memories of travels around the world taken by our amazing creator King.

These are images she is incredibly proud of, and they are a set of 10 fabulous images that she considers some of the most beautiful she has ever taken.

We wanted to share these memories with our incredible backers on Kickstarter as inspiration. We want our backers to be able to share their memories too, with family, friends and loved ones, and sharing those memories is at the core of the RevolCam project. 

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